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Gary has successfully managed four distinct career changes. Gary has explored his entrepreneurial side
with a small distribution company in western Toronto. In 1974 he joined Canada's only industry
sponsored placement and consulting service which he served for more than 17 years. In 1980 he accepted a
transfer to Calgary Alberta. He had only intended to stay a short while but the city of Calgary stole his
hart. He has had the opportunity to travel the world and although he enjoys his travel and there are many
locations he continues to frequent, he has continued to call Calgary his home of homes. Gary's career of
more than 25 years has focused in the human resources arena. He has dedicated his efforts to the
development of knowledge and skills in the field of career management, career transition, coaching and
mentoring, executive search, succession planning, and training and development. Currently he holds the
CMC designation as well as the CHRP designation. Since 1980, Gary has taken an active role in assisting
Canadians manage their careers and seek new or alternative career opportunities. He has developed
programs and conducted seminars for hundreds of corporate and private clients.
Taking early Retirement as a Partner of Ernst & Young Management Consultants in 1996 he and two of
his Partners founded Canadian Career Partners. Assembling one of the finest groups of diversely skilled
professionals available in Canada, Canadian Career Partners has grown to be one of the largest fully
integrated Human Resource and Business Solutions consulting firms in Western Canada today
In addition to his professional practice, Gary has served as President of the Canadian Council of Human
Resources Associations (CCHRA), President of the Human Resources Institute of Alberta (HRIA), and
Vice President of the Human Resources Association of Calgary (HRAC). He also served as Canada's
founding delegate to the North American Human Resources Management Association (NARMA). Gary is
the originator of the CHRP lapel pin, introduced in 1995, which has become a national symbol for the
Certified Human Resources Professional in Canada. Gary has co-authored such publications as How to
Job-Hunt Effectively, a guide to survival and success; Hiring and Dismissal in Alberta; Saskatchewan, and
Manitoba, as well as Human Rights in Alberta; a layman's guide. Gary's active role in the community
includes more than ten years as a member of the Human Resources Program Advisory Committees for both
Mount Royal College and the University of Calgary Gary was elected to the post of EVP with Career
Partners International in 1997, assuming the role of President between 1999 and 2000. Currently he is
President of, a Trustee of the Calgary Zoological Society, a Board member of Career
Partners International, and of CERIC as well as an Alberta Director with the Canadian Forces Liaison

About Gary Agnew

This Gary Agnew (and there are several bearing the same name across
our country and through out the USA), was born I Toronto Ontario in
1948, Gary Robert Agnew, first son of Robert Gordon Agnew and
Vivian Gwendolyn Nichols Agnew.
Gary's child hood summers were a combination of camping in the Long
Point Beach, Port Rowan area on Lake Erie and experiencing the
farming life with his strong family ties in Kent Nova Scotia.
He attended several high schools, Vincent Massy, Silverthorn and Burnhamthorpe, as educational boundary
lines changed in a growing Toronto Westside. He continued his scholastic interests at Ryerson, Seneca
College University of Toronto and University of Calgary. Gary's initially specializing in Avionics and
commercial piloting